Our EETS service is primarily aimed at companies that operate trucks or buses on international routes. Our service is aimed at companies that, due to their operations, transit through several countries using different toll systems to transport freight.   

Learning and correctly using multilingual European toll systems with different legal backgrounds based on different technologies requires a lot of administrative and accounting effort.
When using our service, you have access to one device, one contract and one contact point to process a substantial portion of European tolls. 

EETS On-Board Unit (OBU) and its operation

The vehicle will be equipped with an on-board unit that uses a GPS tracker that can communicate with the electronic gates of toll road sections. The electronic gates use this device or a license plate to identify the vehicle and to register the movement of the vehicle on the toll road. The toll is determined, among other things, on the basis of the distance covered. Technical data that differ from domain to domain, such as engine emissions or vehicle weight, also play a role. The on-board-unit, also known as the On-board-Unit, is used for the electronic declaration of tolls. When using the OBU, payment is made on the basis of continuous data provision, so that the toll does not have to be brought forward in advance, but this is also an advantage in connection with a possible complaint.

Our product offers a quick and easy solution for regular shipping companies and their drivers. Since unauthorized use of the toll system has legal ramifications, it is even more important that it can meet the obligation to pay the toll without undue delay.

If you would like to order or require further information about our system, please contact us or request a callback from our colleagues.

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We have constructed the most innovative EETS solution in Europe for you as part of an international collaboration. Our head office is based in Budapest. Our Customer Care is available to you by phone at any time in several languages.

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