Roadtoll EETS - electronic toll payments and a wide range of telematics services from one partner.
One partner with two strong areas of expertise as well as just one on-board-unit (OBU) for all of Europe!

A sytem which has been tailored according to the needs and wishes of international transport companies accompanied by 24/7 multi-lingual customer care.
A European toll without borders! Get to know our customer-friendly and effective toll and telematics service. Pay your toll and track your vehicles across Europe with the help of a single OBU!
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How does EETS work?

1. You can easily order our services online

You can easily order our services online

1. You can easily order our services online
via our website or via phone by our customer service.

2. You will receive your OBU via mail shortly afterwards.

You will receive your OBU via mail shortly afterwards

2. You will receive your OBU via mail shortly afterwards.
The device needs to be attached to the windshield of the vehicle as shown in the enclosed instructions.

3.  You can travel through all supported countries

You can travel through all supported countries

3.  You can travel through all supported countries*
with just one service provider.
*see coverage area

4. Eventually you will receive a detailed statement and an invoice

Eventually you will receive a detailed statement and an invoice

4. Eventually you will receive a detailed statement and an invoice
about the created tolling transactions.

You can concentrate on your core business whilst we take the administrative work off your shoulders.
Multiple contracts in multiple languages for different devices? This is the past.

Our Roadtoll-EETS service is cost-efficient and requires less administrative effort. One partner with two strong areas of expertise. Electronic toll payments and fleet management from the same provider. Our system is tailored to the needs of international carriers. Our multi-lingual Customer Care is available 24/7.

Pay your tolling invoices Europe-wide with subsequent (postpaid) invoicing.

It is rare to find a motorway or any other road which is not- at least partially - subject to tolls. For international freight carriers, especially those who mostly drive accross Europe, this means considerable extra work in terms of costs and workload.

What is EETS? EETS stands for the 'European Electronic Tolling System', which encompasses the common goal of the European Union. The aim is to develop an interoperable European electronic system based on the joint efforts of all European countries. Of course, full coverage is not yet available but the service provided by our device is being constantly updated in terms of coverage and available countries. With our practical on-board-unit, which offers the EETS service, you can easily manage administrative tasks and then simplify the payment of tolls without additional tools. No need to worry about receiving a fine or depositing money!
Easy installation

Easy installation

The On Board Unit (OBU) can be installed on a plug-in basis. Our customer service will help you with the settings by phone.
Postpaid - subsequent billing

Postpaid - subsequent billing

Don't deposit your money! Pay by invoice. We will send you a list with detailed information about your trips that will allow you to easily understand your costs. You will never again get lost in piles of multilingual invoices. 
Friendly customer service

Friendly customer service

Our customer service offers help via phone or e-mail in English, Hungarian, Romanian, and German.
Megbízható OBU


We provide a tried and tested, proven, modern technology on-board-device developed by a European partner. You won't even notice that it's in your vehicle!
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One partner, one device & multiple services

Europe... multiple countries, multiple currencies and languages as well as many different toll systems. If you choose us as your partner, you will only use one device, one invoice and one currency. With the help of our service you can forget about the complicated country-by-country payments.
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Updates anywhere, anytime with OTA technology

It is not necessary to visit our site or workshop with your vehicle. Further countries are constantly being added to our service. The device can be updated or modified remotely using so-called 'Over-the-air' technology.
We can't wait to welcome you as one of our customers.
Contact us and request an offer today!

Coverage per country

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4 good reasons to choose "Roadtoll-EETS"

Our existing customers have chosen us as their partner for the following reasons:

A 30-day trial offer.
If we are not able to convince you, then you may withdraw from the contract
Error-free operation and user-friendliness of the device.
No need to pay or plan in advance as billing will be carried out laterPositive impact on your liquidity and cash flow.
Multiple countries, one partner and one device
The majority of the busiest and most popular transit routes in Europe can be reached immediately with our device.
Fair pricesLow investment and quick return on investment.
Get in touch with our team and ask for an individual offer for you!

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Company information

We have constructed the most innovative EETS solution in Europe for you as part of an international collaboration. Our head office is based in Budapest. Our Customer Care is available to you by phone at any time in several languages.

Roadtoll Business Center H-1119 Budapest
Nándorfejérvári út 42-44.
Europe Customer Care:
+ 36 1 920 17 25
HU-GO hotline (0-24)
+36 1 883 88 52

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